Rubber Extruders

We service and supply for all three typical Rotating Screw Extruders. If you have a Hot Feed, Cold Feed and/or Vacuum extruder we will be glad to offer our services. If you have a ram extruder we will work to keep to maximize its life span.

Mid-American Machine will remanufacture your extruders back to new specification while also supplying any parts that you may need over the lifetime of the machine. All types of extruders can be remanufactured and supplied parts for at a significant cost savings. We work on most all of the top branded machines including Kobelco (KSBI), FarrelPomini to name a few.

The Extruder consists of a feed hopper, cylindrical barrel, rotating screw, head attachment and a die. The rotating screw is driven by a motor reduction gear for which we can service when needed.

Typical Remanufactured Parts Include:

  • Screws; 3″ through 26″; Straight and Tapered
  • Barrels; Forward, Hopper, Adapter and Tapered
  • Pushers; Single, Dual and Linear
  • Pelletizing Heads
  • Roller Die Heads
  • TSR extruding systems
  • Screws and Barrels

Mid-American will also supply Quaid Heads, Triplex and Duplex for your machine.

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Or call us at
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