Skinner Mixer

Model No. 268
Product Style: FYH


Mid-American Machine & Equipment is a leading provider of revamped and custom engineered heavy machinery equipment specifically for use with a wide array of industrial applications. Our company is proud to showcase its vast collection of rubber and plastic mixers including the Skinner 200 mixer that has undergone top-of-the-line refurbishment processes for the equipment to run at its optimum performance.

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Mid-American Machine offers a selection of industrial-grade machinery repair and refurbishment solutions, laser alignment services, heavy equipment rigging and installation, and other industrial solutions suited to keep your Skinner Mixer working seamlessly.

Our company offers 24/7 dependable technical assistance and emergency services to cater your heavy equipment needs. We also provide rubber machinery replacement parts such as gear boxes, mill guides, hoppers, and other maintenance supplies.

Mid-American Machine is a leader in the industrial market, known for its state-of-the-art heavy equipment and machinery services, and with our high performance reconditioned Skinner 200 mixer for sale, we are optimistic that our equipment can provide you with the kind of performance that all your industrial applications need.


815 East 6th Street
LeRoy, KS 66857

Phone: (877) 964-2156
Fax: (620) 964-2157

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