Heavy Equipment Rigging,

Moving, Installation

Mid-American Machine is the industry-leading heavy equipment rigging, moving
and installation specialist you can count on to help your operations run seamlessly.

Whether it's a delivery of a new machine to your facility or a complete relocation of your plant, we have the specific equipment and technical expertise backed by more than a decade of industry experience to complete the job safely and efficiently. We always meet your machinery moving challenges to ensure the equipment arrives on time and in installation-ready condition.

Over the years, Mid-American Machine has moved, rigged, reinstalled, and set up heavy-duty equipment of all sizes for diverse customers across the country. Safety and timely delivery has always been our goal.


Machinery Moving, Rigging & Installations

At Mid-American Machine, our skilled crew is highly trained in heavy equipment rigging, machinery moving, and unit installations of all sizes at any area in the country. Our technical expertise lies on heavy-duty manufacturing machinery moves and installation backed by experience, equipment and safety training to deliver all your moving needs.

Our moving, rigging and installation services covers:

  • Industrial plant moves - from a single machine to an entire plant’s machinery

  • Disassembly and assembly of equipment and process systems

  • Equipment leveling and alignment

  • Material handling equipment installations

  • Complete turnkey solutions

  • Complementary warehouse or onsite services


Crane Service

Mid-American Machine houses a fleet of heavy-duty cranes ready to operate at your beckon and call for all your heavy machinery lifting and material handling needs. Our expert crane operators are readily available to assess your needs and offer the most cost-effective solutions on what ideal equipment is needed.

Our diverse cranes fleet ranges from a compact 8.5-ton carry-deck for internal use to a state-of-the-art 55-ton hydraulic truck crane that shoots up to 185’ in length, we provide experienced, safe and reliable crane service.

For field applications that require a larger crane, Mid-American Machine has an extensive network of resources to provide reliable and efficient solutions to your needs.


Packaging & Crating

When it comes to packaging and crating heavy loads for domestic and overseas shipping, Mid-American Machine can handle all your machinery and help deliver your shipments safely, intact, and on time.

We take pride in our vast network of resources that allows us to be able to deliver and package export shipments certified by the International Plant Protections Convention (IPPC). Our wide range of specialty services also covers the expert use of polyethylene Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) film for packaging to ensure that your machinery remains rust-free, moist-free, and fully protected.

Our packaging and crating service offerings include:

  • Disassembly of utilities and assembly of machines for safe shipping

  • Transfer of shipments

  • Packaging and prepping of heavy loads and machinery for domestic or overseas shipping

  • Placement of heavy loads and machinery on skids or crates

  • Loading and unloading of heavy shipments

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Or call us at
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