Machine Repair & Refurbishment

We are able to perform simple repairs your machines may need during its life time, or a complete refurbishment to a like new standard. Mid-American has you covered with what ever your machine may need.


Heavy Equipment Rigging, Moving, Installation

Mid-American has the skilled crews to move, install, and deliver your machines to any location. We have dealt with many complete plant relocations across the country due to specific equipment and technical expertise our team has acquired.


Laser Alignment

Through the use of a state-of-the-art Vantage laser tracker from FARO Technologies Inc. and highly skilled technicians, Mid-American Machine saves its customers time and money with laser alignment services that guarantee your newly installed equipment is operating at peak performance.


Field Services

Our preventive machine maintenance program includes routine inspections of equipment and operation records in order to identify problems before they become emergencies. We also offer predictive machine maintenance to find potential problems so they can be addressed during a scheduled shutdown, rather than in the middle of a production run. We repair and replace parts and equipment according to your schedule, and our emergency machine repair service will get you back online faster than anyone else.


Motor Repair

Mid-American is furthering our offerings by expanding our motor services to include more unique motors and pumps from other industries. If you need any repairs or any refurbishment contact one of our experts to see how we can help.

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