Civil Structural

Machine Maintenance
and Repair

When it comes to civil and structural engineering industrial operations, optimal equipment performance, efficiency, and reliability are supreme.

Such large-scale engineering and infrastructure projects such as construction of bridges, tunnels, marine works, underground pumping foundations, and all other new industrial build cannot afford downtime due to machine failure, especially since operations are under extreme conditions.

At Mid-American Machine & Equipment, Inc., our knowledgeable team understands the dynamics and standards of civil and structural engineering industries, and knows that consistent equipment operation is key to continually meeting construction timeline and strict deadlines to maintain positive client perception and expand client base.

Backed by years of experience in industrial services, Mid-American Machine & Equipment, Inc. has a wealth of technical and field expertise to deliver comprehensive machine maintenance and repair services for optimum uptime. You can count on us to be your turnaround experts that will keep all your machinery in check.


We Offer Solutions for Numerous Systems in Your Civil and Structural Engineering facility:

  • Gearbox Service & Repair
  • Compressor Service & Repair
  • Motor Service & Repair
  • Spare Parts & Inventory
  • Emergency Repair Services
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Equipment Diagnostics
  • Machinery Moving
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • On-site & Shop Machining
  • Machinery Moving and Installation
  • Heavy Equipment Rigging

To learn more about our superior industrial equipment diagnostics, maintenance, repair, moving, installation and more for your civil and structural engineering applications, contact Mid-American Machine & Equipment, Inc. today.

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Or call us at
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