Kobelco (KSBI) 270 Mixer

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Mid-American Machine & Equipment continues to provide large-scale industries with top-quality refurbishment procedures ideal to keep original manufacturer specifications of complete machines including the Kobelco (KSBI) 270 Mixer.

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The company carries a fine selection of industrial machinery solutions including full-service repair, realignment, maintenance and refurbishment services that are suited to boost your Kobelco 270 mixer’s performance and prevent equipment downtime.

We specialize in providing a variety of replacement and spare parts like dust stop assemblies, mill guides, door tops, bearings, hoppers, wear plates, and other maintenance supplies. We also offer a 24-hour technical assistance and emergency support to assist any of your heavy equipment needs.

Mid-American Machine is a trusted name in the rubber manufacturing and polymer science industries for its reliable product portfolio and services. With our team of refurbishment experts, our Kobleco 270 mixer for sale guarantees seamless performance on your industrial plant’s specific applications.

Manufacturer: KSBI
Size: 270
Drive Style: Uni
Dust Ring Style: FYH
Grease System: Yes
Lube Oil System: Yes
Latch Style: Toggle
Rotary Unions: Yes
Thermocouple: Yes
Location: Door Top
Oil Injector: No
Manufacturer:  Kobelco Stewart Boling
Serial Number: 15098
Barrel Size: Length and Height 66"
Floating Weight: 35" x 18"
Air Valve:  Yes
Tel-Tel Rod: Drilled
Skew: 10000093


Manufacturer: Farrel
Serial Number: 6843927
Ratio: 1.171 / 29:1 and 34:1
Con. Gear: 1.171 #66A3927
2nd Red Gear: 7.15 #66A3927
H1 Gear: 2.84 #66A3927
Lo Gear: 4.96 #66A3927
Skew: 12000158
Manufacturer: Westinghouse Induction
Frame:  CSF/A4A45
Serial Number:  IS74P234
Volt: 4160
RPM: 1177
Phase: 3
Horse Power: 1250
Service Factor: 1.15
Wound AMP: 148
Skew: 17000102


815 East 6th Street
LeRoy, KS 66857

Phone: (877) 964-2156
Fax: (620) 964-2157

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