Heat Exchanger



Heat exchanger with pump on common base.


Knowing the impact of operational downtime in plant facilities, Mid-American Machine & Equipment provides reliable products and services including high quality new, used, and refurbished heat exchangers to keep your production house operating smoothly.

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Mid-American provides outstanding industrial solutions including machine repair & refurbishment, laser alignment, heavy equipment moving rigging & installation, as well as other field services to guarantee your plant facilities are working right on schedule.

We also have an extensive array of industrial machinery products including dust stop assemblies, mill guides, door tops, bearings, hoppers, gearboxes, wear plates, and many other maintenance supplies. Our team of experts our available 24/7 to assist on all your technical concerns and heavy equipment needs.

With a good portfolio of products and services as well as more than 17 years of experience in the industrial market, we assure our available heat exchanger on sale is efficient and can meet the requirements of your industrial applications.


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LeRoy, KS 66857

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