Farrel 370 Unidrive Mixer

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At Mid-American Machine & Equipment, we custom engineer and rebuild heavy machinery equipment to accommodate a wide range of industrial applications. We carry a comprehensive line of all-new complete machines including Farrel 370 Unidrive Mixer that is refurbished for high functional and efficient plant operations.

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Mid-American Machine boasts of top-quality machinery repair and refurbishment services, heavy equipment rigging and installation, laser alignment services, and other industrial solutions ideal to keep your Farrel 370 Unidrive mixer running at seamless performance.

We specialize in the distribution of rubber machinery replacement parts like dust stop assemblies, mill guides, door tops, bearings, hoppers, gearboxes, wear plates, and many other maintenance supplies. We also provide reliable technical assistance and emergency services to cater your heavy equipment needs on a 24-hour basis.

Mid-American Machine has been at the forefront of cutting-edge industrial machinery solutions, and with our quality reconditioned Farrel 370 Unidrive mixer for sale, we are optimistic that we could deliver the right equipment to suit your industrial plant’s specific applications.

Manufacturer: Farrel - 370
Size: F370
Rotor Style: 4-Wing ST
Drive Style: Uni-Drive
Actuator Style: Linear
Dust Ring Style: FH
Latch Style: Toggle style
Base Style: Utilized (heavy duty)
Manufacturer: Farrel - F370
Serial Number: 172855
Model Number:  T2-815/700E
Catalog HP: 3000
Service Factor: 2
Ratio: 19.764:1
Input RRM: 1200


Manufacturer: GE AC Motor
Frame: 8511S
Serial Number: WXH 2850009
Model Number:  KAF
Volt: 4160
RPM: 12000
Serial Number: D1A4300XAB-1
Model Number: ECC14 MXR
Input Volt: 2400
Output Volt: 4160
Rated Amps: 372
Overload: 200%
Overload Time:  60 seconds


815 East 6th Street
LeRoy, KS 66857

Phone: (877) 964-2156
Fax: (620) 964-2157

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