Farrel 11D Mixer

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Recognizing the impact of operational downtime in industrial facilities, Mid-American Machine & Equipment offers expert machinery solutions to keep an array of heavy equipment, including the Farrel 11D mixer, reengineered according to original manufacturer specifications.

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Mid-American Machine has a broad range of full-service repair, realignment, maintenance and refurbishment services designed to keep Farrel 11D in excellent condition and running at peak performance.

We offer a full spectrum of spare parts for new, used and refurbished completely built heavy machines from top manufacturers such as Kobelco, Skinner, and Werner Pfleiderer. In addition to this, we also provide our customer with reliable technical support and emergency services for complete assistance on specific industrial equipment needs, on a 24-hour basis.

Mid-American Machine has a vast inventory of brand-new, used and quality refurbished heavy equipment from industry-leading manufacturers. As a premier industrial solutions specialist, we assure that our Farrel 11D mixer guarantee superior mixing and compounding performance in your specific applications.

Manufacturer: Pomini/Farrel
Size: 160
Rotor Style: 2 Wing
Drive Style: Uni
Actuator Style: Rotary
Dust Ring Style: FYH
Grease System: Yes
Lube Oil System: Yes
Latch Style: Spade
Rotary Unions: Yes
Themrmocouple: Yes
Location: West End Frame
Oil Injector: Yes
Location: Drive End Frame
Skew: 10000110
Manufacturer: Farrel Birmingham
Serial Number: _088
Barrel Size: Length and Height 59"
Floating Weight - Safety Pin Style: 11 1/2 x 32
Manufacturer:  Pomini Farrel
Serial Number: 42101
Catalog HP: 640
Ratio: 40:1 and 44:1
Input RPM: 1500/39.6
Date: 1984
Bull Gear: Yes


Manufacturer: GE Buford
Serial Number: W8345944
Input Volt: 4000
Rated Amps: 79
HP: 600
RPM:  890
Manufacturer: GE
Frame: 63465
Serial Number: 5K36346BC
Volt: Volt:
RPM: 440
Phase: 3
Horse Power: 300
Service Factor: 1.15


815 East 6th Street
LeRoy, KS 66857

Phone: (877) 964-2156
Fax: (620) 964-2157

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