Banbury 370 Mixer

As a premier industrial machinery solutions specialist, Mid-American Machine & Equipment boasts of a fine selection of all-new complete machines, including the workhorse Banbury 370 mixer that has been engineered according to original manufacturer specifications to deliver its full functionality, efficiency, and performance.

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In addition to extensive machinery refurbishment, Mid-American Machine also specializes in full-service repair, realignment, and maintenance solutions to keep your used Banbury 370 mixers running seamlessly and prevent any downtime periods, especially during crucial plant operations such as compounding and mastication of rubber, plastic, and other materials with additives.


We also offer a comprehensive line of replacement parts and maintenance supplies for your rubber mixing machinery like chamber body, feed hoppers, gear reducer, bearings, rotors, throat and wear plates, and many other components to optimize its performance and productivity. We also provide technical assistance and emergency services on a 24-hour basis.


Mid-American Machine has always stayed on the cutting-edge of today’s advancements in rubber manufacturing and polymer science industries, and with our industrial-grade Banbury 370 mixers for sale, we are confident that we could deliver the right equipment to suit your industrial plant’s specific applications.

Manufacturer: Kobelco (KSBI)
Size: BB370
Rotor Style: 4 Wing
Drive Style: Unidrive
Actuator Style: Linear
Dust Ring Style: FYH
Grease System: Yes
Lube Oil System: Yes
Latch Style: Spade
Rotary Unions: Yes
Thermocouple Location: Doortop
Manufacturer: KSBI
Serial Number:  15180
Coupling Style: Hydraulic
SkewNumber:  11000015


Manufacturer: Lufkin
Serial Number:  6844
Model Number: DFIOSCHS
Order Number: 827969
Catalog HP: 5513
Service Factor:  1.83
Service Rating:  3000
Ratio: 14.03:1
Input RPM: 850
Skew: 120000126


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